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Allow your employees the flexibility of finding a workplace that meets their needs.

Enable employees easily finding a workspace that meets their needs.

With our pioneering desk booking system, you can have the flexibility to easily find a space suits your needs. It helps you to book a hot desk in a short time by preventing double booking cases. Thanks to data-driven office design, your workspace has better collaboration and actionable efficiency insights.

Use Our Mobile App.

In a simple mobile app for Android and iOS, you can find and book a workspace that fits your needs, locate colleagues, and handle reservations, making it simple to work, meet, and collaborate.

Density Management.

The insights that can be originated from density & capacity technology can help your business to get a clear picture of the demands on your workplace. This information can then be used to define the right workspace booking rules and allocations for the business and employees alike.

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Enable Flexible Working.

Develop an office that perfectly supports a flexible workforce.

Every business needs an optimized workspace and every employee deserves a flexible workspace. Bookreen is designed to help professionals of all kinds, provide greater work-life balance. With the solutions we provide, workspaces are now more flexible, employees are now more productive than ever.

Actionable Efficiency Insights.

Make better decisions about your desk usage.

Get a clear understanding of desk usage and resource requirements with detailed reporting, enabling you to make better decisions about your desks and manage bookings more effectively. It gives you the chance to increase usage rates of desks by recapturing no-shows.

Manage Absence.

Synched usage and get more out of your space.

Not showing off creates an important problem for employees’ productivity. With our solutions, you can reduce no-shows by getting insights of them and immediately update related desks availability. You can capture unused meeting space as well as track when occupants are using reservable space without a reservation.

Trace the Contact.

Let your employees work confidently.

Your employees are the biggest assets of your business. Make them confident to work in the office by tracing each and every contact. Hence, any suspected case would be detected and prevented easily. 

Data-Driven Office Design.

Create the future of your workplace with data.

Get the real-time insights on availability of the spaces. You can book a desk for a couple of hours, for a whole day or for several days on the desired floor or area, extend or end your reservation with a single click. 

Better Collaboration.

Create engagement within your employees.

Bookreen’s automated solutions provide your employees be more productive and collaborative by making them social at work. On Bookreen’s platform, your employees can easily find their friends at work.

Enhance the experience

We specialize in scalable, cloud-based booking and scheduling solutions for any bookable place, with dedicated digital screen options. Connected Screens enhance the continuous comfort and elegance.

Desk Screen
Bookreen Desk Screens make booking and managing your workstations, breakout areas, and offices easier.
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Interactive Wayfinding Kiosk
The Bookreen Desk Booking Kiosk is a simple touch screen that works well in reception settings.
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