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Enhanced tools lead to greater productivity and elegance

Productivity increase and high employee experience are guaranteed with enhanced tools of Bookreen. Visual tools, sensors, enterprise features and multiple integrations would help you to reach desired productivity and customer satisfaction.

Meeting Room Screen App

The app screen can show upcoming events alongside the current event. The screen can be turned on or off according to the calendar previously set by the administrator. On the screen, the facilities of the room are shown in icons. Repair/cleaning service providers can be called over the screen. Instant booking can be made on-screen via QR code or Pin Code or RFID Card. A future booking can be created over the screen instantly. Check-in&out with RFID card or Mobile App.


Bookreen RoomPaper

Bookreen offers a user-friendly display and integrated software solution for reserving your meeting rooms. Optimize your business processes, enhance customer experiences, and ensure more efficient meetings.

Interactive Wayfinding & Booking Screen App

Kiosk shows bookable areas and all floor plans on the map. It may help with animated wayfinding direction on the map view. Employees may instantly book any place after showing the RFID card to the screen. The density of the floor with map and list view is available. Finding friends, events any place on the map has never been easier. Advanced search is also helpful for further details.

Status Board& Guiding Screen App

Visitors can quickly find the room when they arrive.
Each step of the way leading to the room is marked with active digital signs. Real-time space usage data keeps everyone safe and aware of density. Density helps you design better spaces and save millions in avoidable real estate costs.

Delivery App

To avoid parcel loss or late delivery complaints, you can use the “Delivery App.” All you need is our app on your phone! The receptionist may take a photo of the parcel’s information and notify the recipient. The recipient uses his or her mobile device to scan the QR code and collect the package. Easy and secure!

Desk Booking Device

Desk Booking Device

RFID or NFC supporting personal cards are easily adaptable to manage the utilization of your seating spaces. Fancy lights on the device allow you to book instantly when its lights are green. Easy to install and long-life battery makes your life easy to be ready for hybrid workspace management.
Although the device can be used solely, it is well synchronized with the product called “Office Management“.

Density Board Screens

Safe and efficient use of space.

Real-time space utilization data make everybody safe about booking decisions. Density helps you design better spaces and save millions in avoidable real estate costs.


Parking space can be booked exclusively for departments, guests or individuals. The administrator can assign fields to people’s usage on a long, short daily basis. The software can automatically connect the parking reservation at the time of the desk reservation. Check-in&out can be done by Printed QR Code reading via mobile app. It can be integrated with floor entrance systems of buildings. The parking area can be seen in the system as a map.

Catering Order & Barista App

Instantly shows requests to kitchen, dining hall and technical service. Shows the order and detail of requests. As soon as the request is processed by the provider, claimant is notified.
Requests that are in process, pending, and finished are shown on the task screen. When the request is completed, the sign marks on the attendant screen , information is sent to the claimant. A request notification can also be sent by SMS to the attendant in the same system.(Optional)

Touchless Delivery App

“Virtual Reception Kiosk” collects the courier’s data and assigns a locker for safe and touchless delivery. The mobile app instantly alerts the recipient that the delivery is ready for collection. Email or any other application (slack, teams, etc.) may be used, too. Lockers are shared, and the delivery crises are no longer valid.

Visitor Management App

Visitors can be selected in two categories, invited and uninvited. Guests are notified to the reception in advance synchronously and the receptionist can follow in the visitor tracking app on the browser. The invitee can receive a code/QR/link by filling out the form sent to her by accepting the invitation and enters with this code. The visitor may be required to register for check-in prior to the meeting.
Visit logs can be viewed and reported instantly.

Reception Kiosk Screen App

The invited visitor who received an email of invitation and filled the form to get the QR link shows the QR code to the kiosk. Thus, the “printer of the RFID Card” gives out a “Visitor Pass” to the visitor The “sudden visitor” needs to fill the form on the kiosk and get an invite from the host. Employees may also be required to show their QR code pass to the kiosk from their mobile application to get sound & light approval of daily pass

Desk Booking Screen App

Visual Elegance with lighting on the screen for certain occupancy of the desk. Touchless and instant booking via RFID Card.
Rapid booking with Bookreen Mobile App
Proves the usage of Desk
Easy to install with PoE and Wifi options. Rent or Purchase options are available.

Cleaning& Maintenance Screen App

The new way of workspace utilization needs autonomous cleaning after each and every use of shared spaces. In case you try to manage this operation manually, would cost many time and probable chaos. We solved it out with intelligent system features.
Instant ticket management for any maintenance or cleaning request is also available on the system. Let’s give a deep look at how we implement it.

Increased Security

We support Cloud and also On-Premises of your servers.
We also support;
Active Directory
2Factor Authentication
SSO (Single Sign-On)
Google Authenticator*

Occupancy Sensor

The occupancy sensor detects the slightest movement and body temperature. So even when you’re really sitting still at a table, the sensor will know you’re there. By using table sensors, you can measure the occupancy rate of each table with 100% accuracy. The sensors collect all the data and give an accurate overview of how much desks are actually being used and for how long. It also shows whether a table is currently occupied.

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