Workplace Management

Increase workplace efficiency and improve workplace satisfaction by innovative solutions.

An office place where there are computers, desks and chairs.

Enable space planning easy on a single platform.

Bookreen can help you make the most of your office space through workspace occupancy monitoring and management. We give you the business intelligence to efficiently manage your assets for optimal productivity.

Maximize occupancy by making the right changes.

With the trends towards more flexible working models, employees will visit an office space when needed to meet or collaborate with colleagues or clients. Bookreen’s technology enables your workforce the freedom to collaborate with seamless management of occupancy, where employees can see the available spaces and book the ones according to their needs. 

What is workplace management?

Workplace management takes into account the office's competitiveness and reliability. It includes information on a variety of subjects, including:

Allocation of space

Utilization of the workplace

Optimisation of space

Protocol for health and safety

Financial analysis and reporting

Security and logistics

A person looking for a room availability on his computer.

Remove complexity of managing flexible work.

Employees already have to deal with enough tools and applications to make their working lives complex. Making it difficult for them to book workspace, office resources or to collaborate with co-workers will only add to that complexity. That’s why Bookreen technology is designed to make workspace management practices as seamless and hassle-free as possible.

Deliver a better employees experience.

Hear about our success stories!

With the help of Bookreen, Dogus Holding has been able to effectively manage their caos and loss of time for booking over 100 rooms for more than their 10 sister companies.

dogus Group

Ready to efficiently manage your workplace?

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