Interactive Wayfinding & Booking Screen App

Reach the destination in the fastest and easiest way.

Find the place you are looking for easily

Find your way around the building and reserve the space that suits you. The Interactive Wayfinding & Booking Screen App shows wayfinding, the actual usage status of all spaces and the spaces that can be reserved in one overview.

See all floor plans

Easily see all bookable areas on the map. All areas will be immediately before you with animated content.

Interactive communication with the visitors

Increase loyalty and retention to your organization by creating instant interaction with your visitors. At the same time, make it easy for them by thinking about them.

Advanced search

Search for workspaces, where your friend has a reservation, or an event

Floor density information

See the density of your work areas and floors. Protect your visitors and employees by not allowing overcapacity.

Finding directions easily

Visitors find directions to an unknown destination, especially in large buildings such as shopping malls, university campuses, museums, and workplaces.

Instant reservation with RFID card

You will see all the bookable areas with their density. With your access card, you can instantly reserve anywhere you want.

See all floor plans

Easily see all areas on the map. Reserved free spaces, places in use, etc. displayed on the map instantly. With this display created with animated content, you can navigate between the floors as you wish and determine the forehead that suits you.

Interactive communication with the visitors

Communication is a very important value in the success of all businesses and institutions. Always be one step ahead with instant interaction. To provide transactions as soon as possible, to reach information in the easiest way. These are no longer a problem for both your institution and your visitors.

Advanced search

The advanced search feature contains many details and allows you to access this information. Are your friends at the office? Who booked what? Where are the empty meeting rooms? Is there an event for the institution today, if so, what are the details? etc.. Make as many inquiries as you can think of and get answers as quickly as possible.

Floor density information

Large buildings contain many floors. And you can’t just go through all the floors and choose the most vacant and suitable space. Because you don’t have time for such a thing. With the Interactive Floor Booking Screen App, you can instantly see which floor has which density. You will see the solid with the lower density. Thus, you avoid taking risks in crowded areas and choose the most suitable area for you.

Finding directions easily

Sometimes you have trouble finding your way even in places you go frequently and you need to look for an officer who can consult. And this maybe cause your delay. Also, think of a large building you visit for the first time.
Do not call staff. Search only where you need to go with the Interactive Floor Booking Screen App. And let even the most complex maps help you navigate with its animated, explanatory display.

Instant reservation with RFID card

As an employee of the institution, you can make instant reservations with your RFID cards. No need for long procedures. You will not experience problems such as reservation conflicts or incompatibility. Reserve the workspace you want, with the time and duration you want. And you can work in peace in your space completely reserved for you.

Why should you use it?

Bookreen Interactive Floor Booking Screen App is our solution that allows people to reach their destination in the fastest and easiest way without the support of the facility staff, by positioning them in areas such as shopping malls, plazas, airports, public institutions, where there is a high density.

Deliver an Exclusive Experience

Touch technology

24/7 usage

Instant floor density information

Book directly on the screen

Easily updatable

Rich integration system

Google Maps, Mapquest and GPS systems provide step by step directions from one address to another. They do not provide directions inside a building. Indoor directions rely upon the building occupant providing the floor plan. While your GPS takes you to the door, indoor digital wayfinding gets you to the room or point of interest.

Yes, the system may be built in the native language desired.

Yes, it has been designed specifically for use in large structures and buildings. A large number of maps and data can be loaded.

When the floor is full, it is recommended that you do not book that floor. And coats that suit you are recommended. It helps you find the most suitable space by seeing the instantaneous density.

It is possible to make reservations thanks to the RFID card defined for your employees.

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