Meeting Activity Tools

Effortless management of meeting activity tools to enhance collaboration. It allows your employees to easily find a workspace that meets their needs.

Improve your workspace experience.

Bookreen gives you the tools and data to apply and manage room scheduling and activity-based working schemes; helping you to create a better workplace experience for an agile workforce. Thanks to our user friendly application, you can view density & capacity analytics, get actionable efficiency Insights, enable calendar integration, automate cleaning & maintenance, get room catering, manage visitors, and use touchless pass while doing all.

Calendar integration

In only a few clicks, you may book accommodations, services, visitors, and video conferencing. Everything you'll need for the meeting is right there.

Use our mobile app

Bookreen mobile app allows you to find meeting locations on the fly, manage bookings, and extend your meeting.

Easily manage meetings

Even across time zones, Bookreen makes even the most complex reservations simple to manage and monitor for both your vendors and front-of-house crew.

Actionable efficiency insights

With extensive reporting, you may have a comprehensive picture of space consumption and resource requirements, allowing you to make smarter space decisions and manage expenses more effectively.

Visitor management

With visitor management incorporated into our platform, reception always knows who's coming, ensuring a pleasant experience for your guests while saving you time.

Schedule every sharable place.

All of your spaces can be scheduled using a single, easy-to-use booking interface.

  • Parking
  • Meeting rooms
  • Huddle room
  • Desks
  • Locker
  • Collaboration spaces
  • Video conferencing rooms and equipment
  • Phone box
  • Lunch area
..and there is more that any space bookable!

Calendar Integration.

You can book meeting rooms and related facilities directly from your Microsoft Outlook calendar appointment using the Bookreen Outlook Add-In.

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Use Our Mobile App.

In a simple mobile app for Android, you can find and book a workspace that fits your needs, locate colleagues, and handle reservations, make it simple to work, meet, and collaborate.

Easily Manage Meetings and Related Services.

Bookreen Meeting Room Software provides a concise view of reservations and availability for meeting room bookings, catering, audiovisual, and other equipment and supplies. When the meeting is rescheduled, it is updated in a single step, keeping everyone informed.

Actionable Efficiency Insights.

Get a clear understanding of space usage and resource requirements with detailed reporting, enabling you to make better decisions about your space and manage costs more effectively. It gives you the chance to increase usage rates of rooms by recapturing no-show meetings.

Visitor Management.

The visitor management system will provide you with a complete overview of visitors. Visitor management can be automated for reception including host notifications, visitor registration with QR code, and pre-reservations of visitors. In addition, get notified when your visitors arrive and save more time for your important work.

Enhance the experinece

We specialize in scalable, cloud-based booking and scheduling solutions for any bookable place, with dedicated digital screen options. Connected Screens enhance the continuous comfort and elegance.

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