Return to the Office

Give your employees the confidence to return with the aid of our smart workplace scheduling technology. 

A person who is sitting in a place with a face mask and working with computer.

Your safest solution for returning to the offices.

Safety is a big concern for returning offices. Bookreen provides solutions to help your employees and your business get back to the office in line with government guidelines, and enables your employees flexible working and increases their productivity, as well.

Reduce Capacity.

Enable social distancing in the workplace.

Bookreen takes a revolutionary approach to workplace design by reducing the number of employees coming into the office and maintaining physical distancing between employees. It enables social distancing in the workplace by controlling space and capacity to ensure employees’ safety.

Manage Density.

Implement requirements for distancing variations.

Bookreen’s solutions allow you to take precautions in order to control density at the workplace. Desks can be closed directly from interactive floor plans and the closed desks will be visible on floor plans for wayfinding, but cannot be booked.

Manage Office Days.

Give your employees the flexibility they want.

Bookreen is the smartest way to coordinate the office and home working life. You use the app and control the working times, the spread risk, and utilization rates of your spaces. Your employees can book available rooms and desks for several hours, or several days.

Find Friends.

Sustain the communication and collaboration.

Your employees can easily view whether their colleagues are working from home or at the office. They can send casual meeting requests and keep up the overall communication and collaboration in compliance with social distancing rules.

Trace the Contact.

Make your employees feel safe, work safe.

Tracing the contact is highly important at the workplace in case of any suspected case. Bookreen solutions record spaces used by each employee and store booking information in the database. It reports on contacts of employees that test positive, and notify any affected employees, as well.

Touchless Pass.

Move with ease with contactless technology.

Contacting various areas in a workspace is an enormous hygiene concern for your employees. Bookreen’s touchless pass technology removes the disturbing sense of touching and gives flexibility to your employees.

Instant Usage Record by QR.

Track the flows in real-time.

Accessing the actionable real-time data prevents time loss and increases the productivity of your workforce. By tracking physical relocations within the workspace, you will have more data to optimize your workspace and increase your employees satisfaction.

Ready to return to work?

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