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Workspace management made simple, so teams can focus on their work, collaborate more effectively, and get more out of their days.

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Smart Workspace Scheduling.

Your staff will be able to work more efficiently and collaborate more effectively than ever before using Bookreen. Because everything else falls into place when finding the proper workspace is simple.

Better experience

Employees can search and book workstations, conference rooms, video conferencing, parking spaces, and other services in a matter of seconds.

Workplace experience 

Greater certainty

People can choose where and when they work, knowing that the space they require will be available when they need it.

Book with certainty 

Easier management

Disorganization is avoided and efficiency is increased when workspaces are managed efficiently.

Space management 

Stronger planning

Utilize data to have a better understanding of how spaces are used so that the best decisions about reconfiguring offices can be made.

Workplace challenges 

Employee productivity depends on closely with the happiness.

Bookreen is no longer a better way to work, it is the future of work. We are profoundly changing the way businesses manage their workspaces and improving the lives of their employees. Learn how real companies get real results with Bookreen.

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Your workers' digital work life are connected with our smart workspace scheduling. They can plan days, weeks, and months ahead with certainty, wherever and whenever they work, using the web, mobile apps, or our Microsoft Outlook Add-In.

* Using a mobile device, Outlook, or the web, find and book the correct workplace.
* Floor plans make it simple to see what space is available.
* Each day, determine where and when coworkers are working and make preparations accordingly.

Make every space bookable.

Employees at Bookreen have complete control over the workspaces and tools they require. You can map out all of your office's spaces and resources, and provide employees the flexibility to book what they need, when they need it.

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What kind of places can you schedule?

Desk spaces

Flexible office activity tools for your employees.


Support casual, informal collaboration.

Meeting rooms

Effortless booking of meeting spaces.


Open desk space for informal work.

Booth spaces

Dedicated private spaces for concentration.

Parking spaces

Deliver safety and security along with availability.


Provide secure storage that employees can rely on.

Video Meetings

Combine physical and virtual collaboration.

What are the benefits of Bookreen's workspace scheduling product?

Time and work place flexibility to your employees

Simple association between the team members 

Belief of the employees to reach anything they might need

Simple scheduling for complex workspaces.

Bookreen is the simplest method to arrange workplaces, providing employees with a variety of options for finding and booking places.


The iOS and Android mobile apps allow for on-the-go space booking and coworker searchability.


Because Microsoft Outlook is integrated, sufficient slots can be reserved within appointments.


The internet interface enables advanced workspace administration and searchability.

Get your team back to the office.

Employees require consistent access to the appropriate space and tools in order to do their duties. Bookreen gives employees that ability, allowing them to work where they are most productive: a win-win situation for both them and you.

Encourage workplace collaboration and teamwork, whether it’s physical, virtual, or a hybrid of the two.

  • A gathering spot – Plan out your meeting places so that employees may choose the optimal location for collaboration, whether it’s physical, virtual, or a combination of both.
  • Connection with culture – Assist employees in forming stronger ties by bringing them together on-site.
  • Encourage collaboration – Employees can easily book space where they can work together because colleagues can be found quickly.
  • Use the calendar to stay in touch – Booking is a breeze with a simple booking flow that integrates with a Microsoft Outlook calendar or a mobile app.

To inspire enjoyment and productivity, combine the best of office and remote working.

  • Make effective workplace scheduling a reality – Provide easy-to-use options for booking space at any time and from anywhere.
  • Employee choice is expanded — Using a simple app, employees can quickly reserve a range of venues whenever they need them.
  • Allow employees to plan ahead of time – By allowing them to match the spaces they require to their schedules.
  • Put the office at the center of your organization — Create a culture where the office is regarded as the company’s “hub.”

Ensure that employees have accessible, fair, and transparent access to space and that the correct areas are always available for them to work in.

  • Enable hybrid working – Employees can pick when they want to work in the office, and the app will notify their coworkers.
  • Encourage employee happiness – Employees can achieve a better work-life balance if they have greater control over where they work.
  • Increase efficiency – Allow employees to have more flexibility in their workdays, which will make them happier and your company more productive.
  • Having access to space – When employees can choose and reserve the spaces they like, they can feel more productive and focused at work.

Data that is more accurate allows for better planning. With detailed data, you can keep track of how your workspaces are being used and identify ways to enhance productivity.

  • Recognize space demand – Learn which spaces are popular and which aren’t.
  • Save money and resources – Get a bird’s-eye view of utilization to help with future planning. 
  • Adapt to change – Recognize patterns and work styles, and adjust your flex space accordingly.
  • Determining employee satisfaction – Get information about the most common problems and reasons for dissatisfaction.

Let’s discuss how we can help you transform the way you work.

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