The Challenge

Generali has around 200 employees in TR Head Office. They needed a tool for safe hybrid scheduling and management of their spaces wisely. Also, they needed to get meaningful data to improve the effectiveness and experience of everybody.

We believed in Bookreen and its wise solutions. We have started with main products but we have many plans to enhance the experience like controlling the daily bookings at the reception via mobile app and recording the people activities with the office. We aim to add more enhanced tools gradually to get the most out of our team and visitors in close future. Thanks to Bookreen that encouraged us to collaborate safely and manage the situation wisely. We hopefully implement the experience all over the world offices soon.

– Generali, Head of Project

Web App

The Solution

We have started to add spaces with related rules. We also uploaded the CSV file of the team with their emails, and their departments. Later on, they have edited the department rules of scheduling and density. Also, they have spared some of the rooms and desks to some specific departments (i.e. Sales department has no desks but dedicated meeting rooms that only the department members may book). The team has mobile phones to book spaces every day and they also have a chance to book transportation and lunch services as a separate offer of the company. Thus, the catering and administrative teams get alerted about the daily need of the visiting employee.

They now get the data of utilization and habits of employees post-pandemic. They plan to take new actions according to the insights.

The products We Used

Office Management

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Meeting Management

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The Results


Spaces Sharable




People Booking

Project Success Manager Following friends booking on the go and many more features make me feel relaxed and secure. People are getting accustomed and happy with the new situation. We only check the data comes from Bookreen instantly or time-based. We have all we dreamed of and further.

Let's create the next success story together!

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