Hybrid Workspace Solutions & Desk Booking Software

Convert your office to a “smart workplace” and make every place bookable with integrated IoT devices.

Make every space in your organization searchable and bookable across a variety of platforms, so your teams are free to work, collaborate, and create with freedom and flexibility.

Calendar integration

Thanks to our Microsoft Outlook, Google, and many more integrations for being a perfect workspace management tool.

Scheduling for workspaces

Allow your employees to book spaces according to the schedule of Company and hybrid rules of department, employee or even space

Better space management

Desk booking and meeting room booking are integrated for better use of parking, kitchen and more. Meaningful data makes your way brighter to a better hybrid work

Make every space bookable.

With the right workspaces available and accessible, you can create better, more flexible employee experiences. Desk booking software will prove you that hybrid-remote work is an essential and beneficial.

desk booking software
hybrid workspace solutions

Personal Spaces

Desk Spaces

Smooth Desk booking app allows flexibility and wise space management

Meeting Spaces

Conference Rooms

Meeting rooms can be booked quickly and easily on same mobile app. Appointments are effective

Workplace Solutions

Parking and Lockers

Relate resources and manage effectively. Hybrid workspace software allows to use every workspace

The intelligent way of workspace optimization.

Meet Bookreen, the next generation of cloud-based office management software. Maximize your workspace and help your workers be more productive. Our solutions allow organizations of all sizes to work more efficiently than ever before. Hybrid facility management is the new trend that you can sort it out via Bookreen workspace management software tools

Explore the smart workspace solutions that will move your hybrid working to the future.

Boost your workplace experience with effortless optimization management to enhance collaboration, get the most out of the hybrid workspace by reducing real estate costs, increase overall workplace efficiency by improving productivity.

desk booking software

Employee Experience

Inspire motivation and productivity in your employees through solutions that give them full flexibility in their hybrid workspaces.

Workplace Management

Manage all aspects of your workplace organization from facilities to bookings on a single platform. 

desk booking software

Analytics & Reporting

Get the insights to make your hybrid workspace much more effective and enjoying for everybody.

Return To The Office

Give your employees the confidence to return to the office with the help of  smart workplace technology. 

Learn how real companies get real results with Bookreen.

Bookreen is no longer a better way to work, it is the future of work. We are profoundly changing the way businesses manage their hybrid offices and improving the lives of their employees. Learn how real companies get real results with Bookreen.

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