Bookreen provides scalable, cloud-based reservation and scheduling solutions for any shared space or service.

In the new era, thousands of people are transforming their new working life with planning tools that provide time and flexibility. Built on the basis of this need, Bookreen provides scalable, cloud-based reservation and scheduling solutions for any shared space or service.

Bookreen aims to help companies maximize the value of their real estate and workforce by optimizing usage and maintaining flexibility. Bookreen’s interconnected or independent product line synchronizes activities that require a meeting and collaboration in the office and support services such as visitors, packages, parking areas, cleaning, catering, and technical support. Thus, it aims to help increase productivity and control by making it easier to work in the new hybrid layout.

The product has two different modules. The first module, “Bookreen Space”, includes improvements for table and meeting room reservations and related services such as cleaning, service and food. The ability to make reservations integrated with calendars through the second module, “Devices”, was developed from the digital signage software of the main group company it spin-offs.

With its various modules, Bookreen is used by approximately 60 different companies and their approximately 30 thousand employees. The number of people using the first module, which became popular after the pandemic, is about 1500. There are about 20 thousand people and about 20 companies running demos in Pipeline.

More than 50 of Bookreen’s clients use the meeting room-only solution. After the pandemic, both these customers and companies such as H&M, Avon, Migros started to use hybrid work with the widest feature set to manage. Bookreen says that Vodafone Business and Türk Telekom are actively bringing business to them. Stating that they can see the intensity of demand and the future of the business more clearly after this point, the team says that they want to increase and develop effective communication with the C-level Executive, HR Director and IT Director levels.

Bookreen, which was brought to life by Özgür Çelebi, currently operates with a team of 9 people. The company’s revenue model is annual SaaS usage per person, rental and sales for devices, and onpremises usage alongside the cloud. The company, which has not yet received any investment, states that it wants to start negotiations for growth abroad and investment in the medium term.

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