How will we manage the workspace and workforce safely after the Covid?

After eight months of social distancing and the World in its second lockdown, businesses are looking at how to utilize their workplace while keeping staff safe when lockdown eases.

With the pandemic removing the ability to be in close proximity with each other, and with social distancing suggested being in place until, at least, the end of the year, the workplaces will have to adopt it.

While offices may look differently, business activities will need to continue with meetings remaining an integral part – but how can companies ensure that these can be undertaken safely and effectively?

Secure Social Distancing with Sensor & Mobile App

Companies need to know that Mobile and Sensor-based technologies are also being adopted to limit the spread risk of a pandemic while fostering the collaboration which we are looking for.

Bookreen’s new mobile app is logging who used which desk anywhere in the company! Securing social distancing rules through instant notifications.

No-touch, No-RFID Cards!

Touchless Pass to any place via mobile controlled gates,RFID based gates changes with Beacon Active technology that Bookreen created.

Please contact us for further info!

Automized Cleaning

Any visit or meeting at the office needs to be booked in advance from now on! It is not a hassle but a lifesaver to notify the cleaning team as a task till the second use of this place. This will make the staff confident about sanitizing.

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