Of course, there are some critical points that companies should pay attention to in the transition to the hybrid model, which reshapes the way it works.

Correct communication plays the most important role

Especially when working remotely, it becomes even more important to ensure communication within the team. At this point, both managers and employees need to make extra efforts in communication. In addition, companies are expected to focus on investments in technology, in order to ensure easy and sustainable communication and cooperation. On the other hand, the biggest expectations of the employees in their relations with their managers are understanding and feeling comfortable. In the event that these expectations are uncertain, the level of anxiety of the employees increases and this causes a decrease in their motivation to work.



The critical point is to maintain mutual trust

The most basic way to achieve success with remote working is through mutual trust. This is also evident in the hybrid operating model. Correct communication has a great role in increasing the sense of trust and ensuring its continuity. It is important that managers go to reconfigure their communication methods for this. Recent studies show that flexible working methods such as the hybrid model are especially effective in increasing motivation and productivity and revealing creativity. In ensuring the continuity of this, it is important to make the teams feel that they are trusted in managing their business processes and to support them. At this point, the issue to be considered is the preservation of the workload balance.




Empathy is essential

It should not be forgotten that the most basic of communication is to have a sense of empathy. Gaining and developing empathy depends on practice. In particular, managers and team leaders need to take care to improve themselves in this regard. Many factors in the home environment affect the motivation to work. Parents with children complain of distraction the most while working. On the other hand, the demand for flexible working model of employees with familial or health problems is much higher than other employees. Therefore, managers should adopt a fair approach at this point. Adopting this approach allows for the establishment of strong relationships, as well as sharing personal problems more easily.



Employee autonomy should be strengthened

The needs and expectations of each employee differ for an efficient work. While some employees prefer to start and finish work early because they want to spare time for family life, some employees say that they can focus more on late hours. At this point, it is thought that hybrid model work will be beneficial both in terms of efficiency and motivation, as well as providing temporal flexibility as well as spatial flexibility.


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